Custom Tuning

When tuning the TV we look at different aspects such as which transmitter we are going to tune your TV to. Some areas in Australia have multiple transmitters that transmit the same stations for different areas. While doing an automatic tune, this connection gives you multiple channel variations through your TV.

Some of those might not be the best suited due to pixelation problems. By carrying out a manual tuning process, we select the correct stations and the correct transmitter for your area and for your TV given you seamless and clear reception every time.

Complete Solution

While testing all of this, if our technicianfinds an issue with the antenna itself they can diagnose the issue and advise what is the best solution and correct antenna to resolve the issue.Our friendly technicians carry a whole range of antennas to suit all areas of Australia, ensuring we have the answer for your needs.

Free Quotes and Fixed Prices

We offer free onsite quotes and offer a fixed price once we’ve assessed all that’s required to be done to get your TV up and running as clear as possible.

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