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TV Antenna Installation in Melbourne and Surrounds

If your current TV reception is leaving you wanting more, our local Mr Antenna Technician is just a phone call away. Specialising in both domestic and commercial aerials.We’re the leaders in high-quality digital TV antenna installation in Melbourne, with over 600,000 satisfied customers since1991. If the picture on your TV screen is breaking into pixels during viewing, freezes occasionally or you get interference in your sound quality, we can help. We can track down whatever is wrong and advise you on your best options to improve it. From wall mounting your TV to home theatre setup and specialising in aerial and TV antenna installation in Melbourne, Mr Antenna is your expert in home entertainment needs. Mr Antenna has been assisting home, and business owners with their home entertainment needs since 1991. Our technicians suggest the best solution for your installation needs, taking into consideration the reception specifics in your area and your personal preferences. We use our technical knowledge and experience to provide you with quality work and exceptional customer service. If you want to get connected, call Mr Antenna today.

Say Goodbye to Lousy Reception

Is your TV antenna causing problems? Are you tired of pixelation and interference during your favourite shows and sporting matches? Installing a new digital antenna improves reception and gives you access to better viewing of all available TV channels. Regardless of the height or design of your house, the pitch of the roof, or your roof material, Mr Antenna digital TV antenna installers are trained to carry out of all types of antenna installations and can install an Australian made antenna to suit your requirements. If you’re tired of lousy reception, take your first step to better viewing and have one of our technicians conduct a free on-site signal test.

Professional TV Antenna Installation in Melbourne

Correct digital TV antenna installation in Melbourne is essential for a superior viewing experience. While it is possible to install your own TV antenna, for the best possible results our skilled technicians are here to help. If you’re moving to a new house, we can ensure you get perfect TV reception right from the start with a new TV antenna installation in Melbourne. We’ve built our name by delivering excellent service, using quality products and growing our customer base with the help of experienced local technicians. Our technicians receive ongoing world-class training and are experienced in all the latest technologies required for digital antenna installation.

For all your Home Entertainment Needs

As audiovisual specialists here at Mr Antenna, we don’t just stop at professional antenna installation. We can also install and set up that ultimate home theatre you’ve been dreaming about relaxing in. The connection of the various gadgets and devices with quality cable and a high-quality antenna installation by Mr Antenna technicians will help you get the most enjoyment from your favourite shows and live sports broadcasts in the comfort of your own home. We also provide a one year warranty and can even offer, in many cases, a next day service, so call us now on 13 11 49.

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