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VAST(Viewer Access Satellite Television) is a common satellite system used in Australia which provides digital TV to viewers in remote areas who are unable to receive digital TV through their normal TV antenna due to things like local interference, distance from the transmitter or local terrain.
Mr Antennas highly trained technicians will be able to supply and install the satellite dish and associated cabling to all points in your home, and assist you in the set up of the equipment.

Anywhere Access

Satellite TV systems can also be used in caravans and motor homes, providing access to all your favourite channels wherever you are on the road.The systems can be designed as a portable solution or a permanent install mounted on the roof of your van or motorhome.Making this a great option for that road trip or family holiday.

100% Guaranteed Work

Mr Antenna provides a great warranty for all work we do. We offer a 100% guarantee on all projects we undertake.Call us today on 13 11 49 for a free no obligation quote.