Multi-Room Pay TV Setup

Distributing TV signal around the home via your pay tv subscriptions such as Foxtel has become far easier thanks to the digital world. Wether it be a pay TV subscription, Apple TV or dvd, Mr Antenna’s qualified technicians  can easily send this signal to all TVs in your home using multi room distribution. 

We can even give  you full remote control access using the existing cabling network and all without the need to have to pay for additional Foxtel, Sky TV or other Pay TV subscriptions.Gone are the days of the fuzzy and ghosting picture, with a digital modulator we can now send the signal in full HD, to optimise your viewing experience.

This makes the perfect solution for watching the the footy on the TV outside or your favourite movie in the lounge.There are a variety of Multi Room and Home Distribution options available which will allow you to watch Foxtel in the bedroom or alfresco area while its being controlled from the lounge.

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