Can HDMI work for Long Distance?

HDMI is a powerful connection format that has emerged in important because of its high quality and the convenience it brings to users. In order for a computer or laptop to be connected to a screen such as a television screen, it can be done by using an HDMI cable. HDMI connects two devices in order for the high quality AV content transmission.

However, when long distances are involved, sending content over HDMI may become a problem.

For instance, if you need to connect a device to a home theater system where devices such as the Blu-ray player and the TV screen are located far apart—-HDMI transmission can be compromised. In such instances an HDMI signal booster becomes essential.


HDBaseT is an emerging HDMI technology that can be used over long distances. HDBaseT can be used for home or residential purposes in order to make the usage of HDMI effective even over long distances.

This technology transmits up to a 4K resolution which results in Ultra HD. HDBaseT is changing the world of HDMI because of it enables the distribution of the audio, video, and ethernet data just using one cable.

HDBaseT is not a replacement to HDMI. This technology actually works with HDMI. This technology will support HDMI in terms of its signal since it is capable of extending the transmission of signal up to 100 m.

When you want to connect a device to your TV screen and standard HDMI is not able to handle the distance, HDBaseT might be the answer.