The picture on my TV is all fuzzy. Can you fix it?

In some instances such as moving home a simple re tune of the tv is all that may be required, if not then checking the the fly lead is connected to the tv and wall socket, if this is all ok the best solution is to call one of our friendly technicians to come and diagnose the issue.

What Causes interference in my TV?

TV signal interference is caused by various things such as a faulty antenna, incorrect antenna for your area, damage to cabling in the home ( can be caused by rodents) external interference such as cb radios, and 4g telephone towers. It can be quite difficult to identify what is the problem without the correct test equipment, so best solution is to have a technician to come out and do a full test of your antenna system to identify the fault. .

My TV isn’t working. Can I troubleshoot it myself?

Is it plugged in?
Have you turned it off and on
have you tried an automatic retune?Power supply for amp.

My telly is very far away from the antenna. Is this a problem?

In some cases you will require a signal amplifier. Your technician will test the signal from the antenna and calculate the loss for the system, taking into account cable length and amount of points required, this will determine if a amplifier is required..

Why can’t you install my antenna inside the roof-space?

The simple answer is no, antennas are designed to me mounted outside and have a clear line of sight where possible to a transmitter, being mounted inside a roof can also cause interference from
things such as metal framed homes, the iron roof and also the atmosphere inside the roof and high temperatures.

Can we draw connections for all rooms in my house from a single antenna?

A antenna system designed correctly can run multiple tv points residentially and commercially one antenna system can power a whole building. The system comes down to the correct selection of the antenna and amplification system. This is where you need one of our team to test your area and give you the best solution for the amount of points you wish to run..

Aren’t all antennas the same? What’s the difference between them?

Different parts of the country transmit free to air tv on different frequencies hence the
requirement for different antennas. Metropolitan areas are generally on the VHF spectrum and regionally are on the UHF spectrum. Different antennas are also cut to specific frequencies to eliminate external interference that others may pick up.

Do TV antennas have to be Digital Ready? What makes them special?

Old analogue antenna systems may not receive all of the digital channels and also may pick up other interference such as 4g, your technician will select the correct new digital antenna and will be tested for your area

I live in a block of flats, with a Shared Antenna System, as a tenant. Who Is responsible for upgrading/maintaining my antenna

The body corporate is responsible for the maintenance so the building manager should be
contacted in this instance.

I live as a tenant in a house. Is my landloard responsible for upgrading the TV antenna?

In this instance it is best to check with your agent on the agreement there, many land lords are quite happy to assist but checking first is the best option..

I need Free-to Air TV in my motor-home (or boat), what should I do?

Applying for Vast is the best option as it is a satellite service and has coverage over the majority of the country. This can be done via permanent roof mounted satellite dishes that automatically track the satellite or manual portable dishes and set top boxes.

What’s the easiest way to retune My TV?

Most modern day sets will now have a simple menu for tuning and if you conduct a auto tune it will scan and store all stations that it finds. If you know your local station transmission frequencies you can manually tune to each channel also.

Where is the spot for an antenna to be installed?

Your technical will provide a signal test and pick the best location on your roof for the
installation, during this they will take into account signal strength and quality, most efficient cable run to eliminate loss and also the ascetic placement of the antenna to suit the property.

What Is Viewer Access Satellite Television?

Vast is designed for two different types of customers, those is remote and regional areas that do not access to transmission towers can apply to have vast installed that is run via satellite, this services also offered to travellers such as caravaners so they have access as they travel the county.