Digital TV Antennas & Features

Our technology partner Matchmaster is the leading manufacturer and supplier of digital TV antenna systems both for digital and domestic TV commercial applications. Their products range from digital TV antennas to complicated distribution systems, which includes TV over CAT6, Fibre Optics, and IP TV to the future.

Their product range specializes in commercial distribution systems together with engineering and design capabilities to fit every possible application. Further, the brand also offers technical support and are an endorsed trainer and highly sought after for offering the best industry training program of its kind.

Our FlagShip model the MA-21A-Premium is ideal for metropolitan areas around 150 km from the transmitter. The best thing about this antenna is that there’s a high gain log periodic antenna with heavy duty 12.7 mm snap lock element, which folds down for simple storage in your vehicle and easy access thru man holes as well as on tiled roofs.

The MA-21A antenna is center balanced, this ensures there is no gain lost through short circuiting the phase bars as with other antennas of a similar boom style.

Features and Benefits

  • Hybrid log periodic antenna in order to maximize gain for preferred channels
  • Made from Australia for strong conditions
  • Receives channels 6 to 12 and 28 to 40
  • Mounting clamp at the balance point prevents antenna sagging
  • VHF elements 12.7mm diameter aluminum tube for larger strength and power
  • 652MHz low pass filter >40dB attenuation at 750MHz to get rid of 4G or LTE maintenance

How to Assemble

  • Snap the elements from the bottom
  • Turn the antenna around and fold out the elements on the underside of the antenna
  • You have already installed the U bolt for you, which is a trademark of Magna series antennas

If you are planning to conduct a do-it-yourself installation of the antenna, make sure that you choose the right one. An outdoor roof-mounted antenna guarantees better reception compare to an indoor antenna. Thus, if you are residing in a place close to the television and not certain that an indoor antenna is good enough, then you should go for it. Otherwise, your choice must be an outdoor antenna. The kind of outdoor antenna you need depends on the channels accessible in your locality. Television channels either have UHF or VHF bands and the outdoor antenna must be based on the kind of channels you and your family members watch mostly.

When the installation is done, adjust the antenna until you have the desired picture and sound quality. Someone staying in front of the TV can help you change the antenna position. When you’ve found the proper positioning snug the bolt so the cable doesn’t swing in the wind.