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If you’re looking for digital TV antenna installation in Brisbane, Mr Antenna has the qualified and experienced
technicians you need to discuss the issue and provide a solution. We can inspect your existing antenna and upgrade or install a new digital antenna to improve your television entertainment needs. We test the connections using a digital signal strength analyser. We also determine the optimal position of the antenna placement on your roof. If you need digital TV antenna installation anywhere in Brisbane, give Mr Antenna a call. We’ve been installing antennas and aerials in the area for many years, and you can trust in the experience of our technicians.

Solving common TV antenna problems

With the introduction of digital TV transmission, the common problems associated with the old analogue signal have all but disappeared, including the issue of snowy, static-filled TV. These days, one the most common issues we encounter at Mr Antenna include old or damaged leads and cables. Being constantly battered by weather and wildlife outdoors eventually takes its toll on the antenna and the related equipment, which results in a garbled transmission. Another common issue is interference from infrastructures such as mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines and old-fashioned electrical equipment. But there’s no need to panic — Mr Antenna has a solution to all these problems and more.

Upgrade with digital TV antenna installation Brisbane

Your old TV aerial may be good enough for receiving digital signals, but only if it has the right specs and is installed correctly. Most of the older antennas found in or around Brisbane will not be able to receive some of the new digital frequencies now available. Mr Antenna can upgrade your old antenna so that you’re ready to receive digital channels. With many years of industry experience, we know each and every corner of Brisbane,including the signal black spots. We also know exactly how to combat them, so that you can sit back and enjoy your favourite TV shows with crystal clear reception.

New home antenna installation services

If you’re relocating or moving into a brand new home, you may be in need of a new digital TV antenna. At Mr Antenna, we have been supplying and installing new TV aerials and antennas since 1991. We can install antennas and equipment catering to every frequency band and all locations in Brisbane, both in residential and commercial sectors. With the ease of a phone call, you can have our expert technicians survey your property and give you a free quote that makes perfect sense. Mr Antenna can then install an Australian made antenna to suit your requirements. Want to know more? Ask our advice today!

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