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Imagine settling into the couch of an evening to watch your favourite movie or the latest game on the big screen in your own home. With Mr Antenna, creating your dream home theatre with stunning high definition screens and surround sound is easy. With our professional audio visual services and home theatre installation Brisbane wide, you’ll soon be viewing the biggest stars larger than life in your own home. Whether you’re a home theatre enthusiast or just want your Friday night movie to be better than ever, Mr Antenna can help you find the solution to best suit your needs. Our team of installers can help you maximise the features and space in your home.

Experienced technicians and installers

Are you already imagining yourself watching a blockbuster movie in your brand-new home theatre, with the ultimate sound and visual quality? Setting up a home theatre and installing all the different parts can be very
confusing if you don’t have the correct cables or know how to connect everything. Luckily for you, Mr Antenna technicians know everything about home theatre. Whether your design is simple or complex, we’ve seen what does and doesn’t work during our many years in the industry and can take all the stress away. We can install everything straight out of the box and even securely wall mount your new screen to give your room a modern, minimal look

Home theatre installation Brisbane wide

To get the most rewarding audio visual experience in your home theatre, it is vital to have your system set up correctly. The right viewing distance from your screen and appropriate speaker placement are just two of the many important considerations which must be taken into account. When not installed correctly, cables add clutter and make your space feel messy. Here at Mr Antenna, we’ve mastered the art of hiding unsightly wires,which is not only ugly but dangerous as well. We can even find the right height for your screen so you can watch comfortably from your seat. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality and service for our clients across Brisbane

Brisbane’s audio visual experts

Don’t let your movies go to waste with a poor sound system or a fuzzy television screen. At Mr Antenna, we’ve installed countless home theatres in Brisbane and understand exactly how each piece of equipment needs to be installed to give you the best picture quality. We can ensure that everything at home or work is set up for the best result. From a plasma that needs to be wall mounted with concealed wiring to a complete home theatre projector system, Mr Antenna can meet your audio visual needs. Complete the setup of your ultimate television system in your home by calling 13 11 49 today.

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