Expert Advice & Service

Our experienced technicians will start by assessing the antenna and conduct a signal test and quality assessment of the antenna along with the cabling, splitters and wall plates right through to the television. They will assess the condition of your antenna to determine whether it is digital or not. They will also inspect the condition of the cabling and mounting system that is linked to the antenna.
Your Mr Antenna technician will check the cabling system through the splitter. While our technicians are onsite they also like to perform a digital health check. We can provide you with full readings on all points in the home,making an analysis on the condition around the system.

Free Quotes & Guaranteed Work

If the antenna does need a repair or replacement, our technicians will be able to produce a free, on-site quote according to what needs to happen to that site. In most circumstances, our technicians will fix the problem for you right there and then, and you’ll be able to watch in your TV straight away.Don’t risk climbing on the roof yourself. Call a trained technician with the correct test equipment to rectify these issues. Call Mr. Antenna on 131149.