Expert Service

Our friendly technicians will come to the site and assess the condition of the antenna, and also do a signal test to the property. This will decipher what issues are occurring with the antenna and if it’s the correct antenna for what we’re currently receiving with digital transmission.Part of an antenna repair is also checking out the existing cabling splitter and the whole network of the antenna system to make sure it’s digital-compliant and it’s all coherent through the whole system.
Our technicians will take into account with this antenna repair how the antenna was previously located. The antenna may need to be shifted if it is mounted to a chimney or to other parts of the building that may have deteriorated also with time, and we can relocate that and put a new secure mount and actually have that all repaired and up and running.

Keeping Up with Changes

With the change in digital TV in the last few years, your already existing antenna may not be capable of picking up all the existing channels. Therefore, that could be part of the reception issues. There are also things such as 4G interference or external interference that your old antenna may be picking up, hence, having a technician come out and assess this may help decipher whether the antenna is okay or whether it needs to be replaced for a new digital antenna that has the 4G capability, infiltration built in.

Free Quotes & Guaranteed Work

If the antenna does need a repair or replacement, our technicians will be able to produce a free, on-site quote according to what needs to happen to that site. In most circumstances, our technicians will fix the problem for you right there and then, and you’ll be able to watch in your TV straight away.Don’t risk climbing on the roof yourself. Call a trained technician with the correct test equipment to rectify these issues. Call Mr. Antenna on 131149.