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Professional antenna installation Mornington Peninsula

Has a problem antenna got you thinking about an upgrade? Have you moved into a new house and need to install a new antenna? Perhaps you’re not receiving all the digital free-to-air channels that you should be? When you need professional antenna installation, you need Mr Antenna. We’ve been professionally installing antennas since 1991, successfully bringing TV into countless homes and businesses along with our trademark excellent customer service. We’re the experts in antenna installation Mornington Peninsula homeowners can rely on, with expert technicians always available to offer you the right services to best suit your needs. For antennas on any roof, at any height, Mr Antenna is the right team for the job.

The right experience to improve your viewing

With almost three decades of industry experience, we’ve come to understand the many TV reception issues that plague local home and business owners. From pixelation and fuzzy pictures to lines running across the screen and constant receptions dropouts, we’ve seen it all. More importantly, we know how to fix and avoid them. If you’re experiencing frustrating reception problems, you don’t need to put up with it for another day. Instead, simply book an antenna installation with Mr Antenna. Our Mornington Peninsula technicians have experience with all the latest technologies necessary for installing digital TV at your home or workplace. If you need professional TV antenna installation Mornington Peninsula, then you can be sure you’re in safe hands with Mr Antenna.

Antenna installation for your brand new home

If you’re building a brand new house, then there will come a time that you’ll require the help of a professional for your antenna installation. The electrician who is wiring the electrical cabling for your new home will also prewire for the TV antenna, telephone, data, etc. Mr Antenna will then test the signal before beginning installation of an antenna, to ensure that we install the best possible solution for your needs and location. We recommend that the best time to organise for your antenna installation to be carried out is when you’re moving in. That way, we can ensure that all your TVs are working correctly. With Mr Antenna handling your antenna installation in Mornington Peninsula, you can be sure of the best transmission and a great experience.

Why choose Mr Antenna?

Installing a TV antenna involves more than simply fixing it over the roof. It’s a complex task of assembling and installing the antenna, as well as ensuring its quality – not to mention that it’s done at height! This means that it’s a job best left to those with the right experience. Our installers are certified and trained to install, repair or upgrade antennas quickly and efficiently. With a wide range of services available, we’re always ready to deliver prompt service with a smile. Whether you want to upgrade an older antenna, make changes to your home antenna wiring or add additional TV points throughout your property, we can help. In many cases, we can even offer you next day service. Get in touch today by calling 13 11 49.

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