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About Us

Australia’s leading television antenna installation company

With over 600,000 satisfied customers since 1991, Mr Antenna has become Australia’s household name for the best reception solutions available.

Mr Antenna is Australia’s leading television antenna installation company, and since July 2000 has been a part of the respected Broadcast Services Australia Limited - Australia’s leading provider of broadcast, transmission and contracting solutions. 

Mr Antenna is a national provider of contracting services to subscription TV and telecommunication companies who require satellite and telecommunication installation services.  They supply TV aerials, digital television and communication/alarm equipment to the home through franchise brands and deliver infrastructure projects, services and equipment to the Broadcast and Telecommunication industries.  Combined, the BSA completes over 24,000 consumer installations every month and employs over 200 people and 800 contract technicians throughout Australia.

Our unequalled experience ensures that all our customers receive the benefit of daily in-the-field knowledge and expertise regarding network transmission quality, local area specific reception problems, Metro (FTA) satellite solutions, as well as the latest in digital reception innovations.

In an extremely competitive business environment, Mr Antenna is proud of its high valued and hard earned brand reputation. Mr Antenna wholeheartedly embraces its vision to provide a full service (sales and installation), consumer electronic product and service offering to its customers.